Do you want to write to us? No problem. Here’s a little guide to get the information to the right place.

Opening hours

We are a small team and we cannot attend our channels at any time. That is why we leave you this timetable, in which we include the days and times when we will be able to answer you.

13:00 – 14:0013:00 – 14:0013:00 – 14:0013:00 – 14:0013:00 – 14:00

* Hours are in Spain time (CET/CEST). Spain is UTC+1 (CET) or UTC+2 (CEST). Please convert to your local time.


Are you from any media or news blog? You can write to us to get information about Meigas de Brigantia or request an interview. You can also ask us for access to our press kit, in case you want to write an article about what we do.

This is the email address you can write to us:


Are you a player, teacher or psychologist and do you have any questions or suggestions for us? Then you have several ways to contact the team. Join our Reddit, be part of the Meigas de Brigantia community and add information that you consider important about the board game sector, its potential in formal education and its psychological applications. You can join our Discord to play with other members of the community, discuss any of our games, watch exclusive live streams and even request to try out games that are currently in development. You also have the opportunity to join our Newsletter or Telegram, to keep up to date with all the latest news. To send any direct message to the Meigas de Brigantia team you have this email:


Do you want to send us a letter? Here is our P.O. Box in case you need it:

Apartado postal 114, 36005 Pontevedra, España.