Enter a crystal sphere and accompany the Meigas of Brigantia on a journey to discover the most fascinating, crazy and fun unexplored corners. Travel through fantasy worlds in the shoes of your character.


If you like role-playing games or have ever wanted to play characters from fantasy worlds, you’ve come to the right place. Rediscover yourself, learn and get excited starring in your own stories.


Your time is precious, that’s why in Meigas de Brigantia we make simple games, so you can invest your leisure time in playing.

Explore your emotions through the senses and sensations of the character you choose to be.

Play on your home table or use the web application to search for games and join other players from around the world.

Learn about the world around you through realities and stories in which you will be the protagonist.

Give your classes a fun driving force that encourages your students to get excited about improving.

Pause reality and escape through fictional settings designed for you to make the most out of your imagination.


Meigas de Brigantia offers you an alternative way of leisure for you to enjoy with your friends by playing what you like the most.

No time to write adventures? Don’t worry, we will prepare them for you in Patreon so you only have to sit down and play.



We create narrative tabletop role-playing games that help you understand your emotions and the world you live in.

If you have children or students you can play with them to educate, teach and inspire them.


Join the Meigas of Brigantia community, share your experiences with our role-playing games and create unforgettable encounters for other members of the community to play, learn and have fun.

The team is born
Development of Kat-Patum begins
Chosen the name of the team
Presentation on social media
Kat-Patum testing
Learning and polishing of the game
Kat-Patum Kickstarter


Get to know the fictional world of the Meigas of Brigantia and reveal with them the mysteries hidden in front of our eyes. Are you brave? Let the forest of Brigantia engulf you to get lost among its trees and discover the secluded hut of the Meigas… but don’t let them see you go in.


Join the Meigas of Brigantia in this PBTA-style role-playing game perfect for One Shots. Choose your favorite class, don’t neglect their food and don’t underestimate the power of the die. You’re in Kat-Patum and that means you’re like a fly in front of a pond full of frogs. Coordinate with your friends to bring out the full potential of your classes… or not. Do you dare to enter?